Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

People of all ages dream to have a great smile and nice white teeth. You no longer have to just dream about getting white teeth. With the right information about options and methods, you can be prepared to take the steps to get the brightest smile possible. This article will present you with ways to get a whiter smile pretty quickly.

TIP! Lemons are a great natural remedy for discolored teeth! Take the outer peels of a lemon and gently scrub your teeth every day in order to enhance their whiteness. This whitening method is cheap, quick, and easy to do.

Avoid cigarettes, wine and coffee. The chemicals in these products stain more permanently by bonding to your teeth. If you can’t give these things up, at least brush your teeth after using tobacco products or drinking dark-colored liquids. To keep your teeth clean on the go, you can use a travel toothbrush or try the new mini finger brushes designed to provide a gentle abrasive cleaning no matter where you are. Your teeth get cleaned because of the abrasiveness.

If drinking soda, tea, coffee or dark wine, sip water as well. Drinking these kinds of beverages regularly will quickly stain your teeth. Sip some water along with your coffee, tea, soda or red wine to rinse the stain causing liquids off of your teeth. Brushing after drinking these beverages will also help with stain prevention.

TIP! You should always have dental repairs, such as cavities or gum disease treated before you embark on a tooth whitening treatment. Use extreme caution when whitening.

Some fruits are great sources of teeth whitening. A couple of excellent fruits that can whiten teeth are oranges and strawberries. Even just mashing some strawberries until they are a paste, then leaving it on teeth for a few minutes, can give you a white smile. If you rub an orange peel on your teeth, you can also get a whiter smile.

Stop smoking. Nicotine and tar from cigarettes will discolor even the whitest of teeth.

TIP! Don’t brush and floss teeth less that two times daily. The key is to keep plaque from accumulating, as it tends to create a discolored appearance.

It is helpful to have a little toothbrush with you so that you can use it after eating sugary or sticky foods. Such foods are bad for the teeth, likely to cause stains, and, worst of all, sticky enough to hang around for a while. After you eat the sugary food, take a few moments to brush. You can get away with not using toothpaste during these quick touch-up brushes.

Using mouthwash can actually be detrimental to the coloring of your teeth. Mouthwashes do fight germs and bacteria, but some contain chemicals that can stain the teeth. Pick mouthwashes that have less color and fewer chemicals, as these will cause less staining.

TIP! Brush immediately following each meal to avoid discolored teeth. Lots of foods and drinks will stain your teeth if left on too long, so brushing right away can help prevent that.

If you experience an increase in sensitivity, discontinue using the whitening product immediately. You may be harming your teeth, so you should go to a professional and talk through what you need to do next. Visit your dentist to find the best options available.

After you have your teeth whitened, you want to make sure that you are only drinking clear liquids for about 3-4 days. Due to the sensitivity of your teeth, they will be prone to absorbing shades of color from liquids, such as coffee, tea or fruit juices.

TIP! Let strawberries whiten your teeth naturally. Strawberries have long been known as an effective way to whiten your teeth.

Brushing your teeth is imperative after whitening of the teeth procedures to ensure quality results. When you get food stuck in your teeth, bacteria can grow and negatively impact your appearance. If your teeth are not cleaned, these bacteria can cause incredible damage to your them, so be sure to brush.

Stay away from tobacco, dark tea and coffee. These substances can cause dark brown stains on your teeth. If you cannot break the coffee or tea habit that you have developed over the years, try to drink them through a straw; brush your teeth after consuming these beverages. Coffee, tea and tobacco are the three main culprits responsible for discolored teeth.

TIP! If you really want to have a whiter, more dazzling smile, quit smoking now. Spending money on a teeth whitening product while smoking is just throwing your money away.

If you smoke, the best way to whiten your teeth is to quit. It is pointless to spend money on teeth whitening products if you continue smoking. The gains you make will be reduced by your smoking, and once you end your treatment the results will quickly disappear.

Take some advice from the beauty pageant circuit and use Vaseline on the surface of your teeth. While the taste is not very appealing, it does serve as a barrier that will protect your smile from stains for quite a few hours.

TIP! Be aware that when you are whitening your teeth, crowns do not whiten the same way that your teeth do. Having visible crowns in your smile will translate through as uneven coloring of the teeth during the whitening process.

An electric toothbrush is an excellent investment if you are trying to whiten your teeth. These brushes are ideal for removing tarter and plaque from the teeth. They can remove the discoloration that is embedded in the enamel of your teeth.

Tooth Whitening

TIP! Make sure you consult with your dentist prior to starting any sort of teeth whitening regimen. Delay any teeth whitening procedures until any major dental procedures are behind you.

Try buying whitening gels to get whiter teeth. Many reasonable priced tooth whitening kits are available at local stores and drugstores, which are much cheaper than what a professional tooth whitening process costs. If your teeth look unhealthy or very discolored, you should still go to your dentist.

You may develop irritation or sensitivity while using a home whitening products. Simply try out another product that contains less peroxide in it if you are faced with this situation. Fortunately, most minor side effects pass after a few days.

TIP! You can change the look of your smile by simply changing your lipstick color. Try using a lipstick that looks blue-based or just use gloss.

Most people want to have beautifully white teeth. Most people think it is impossible to have whiter teeth, so they just let it go. Follow these tips for whiter teeth.