Handy Tips to Help Whiten Your Teeth

Many people begin to be concerned about the whiteness and brightness of their teeth as teenagers. This can change from a dream to reality. Whitening your teeth is not as difficult as you might think, if you are using the right methods to do so. In the article below, you will learn some great tips and tactics you can use to whiten your teeth.

TIP! Consider using fresh lemons as a natural method for teeth whitening. A fresh lemon peel can be rubbed on your teeth each day, in order to gain a natural pearly white smile.

This is fine for your teeth and won’t harm them like whitening strips can. Do not swallow any hydrogen peroxide, simply swish it throughout your mouth. Do this one or two times every week.

Strawberries are great to use as an alternative teeth whitener. The natural compounds found in strawberries will whiten the teeth without using chemicals. One option is to slice a strawberry lengthwise and then gently rub it against your teeth. You could also mash the berries to a paste-like consistency, then apply the paste to your teeth for five minutes.

TIP! If you use two hour teeth whitening strips and your gums are getting increasingly sensitive, switch to half hour strips. Despite the fact that it will require a fortnight of semidaily applications, your gums will probably be thankful.

Eat as many raw foods as possible, for instance fruits and vegetables. Junk food have agents that cause cavities and stain teeth. Stay away from this type of food for healthy teeth. Try not to eat at a lot of different times during the day as food will discolor your teeth.

You can help protect your teeth from staining by rinsing your mouth with water after eating. If you rinse thoroughly, you will get all the remaining food and drink out of your mouth preventing them from staining your teeth. This will help you avoid stains that are difficult to get off your teeth.

TIP! Keep a toothbrush with you. This will come in handy when you enjoy a sticky sweet treat.

Toothpaste advertised as containing whitening of the teeth agents is in fact, not that different from regular toothpaste. Do not buy a product you are not sure will work. Spending extra for something that does not work well, is like flushing your hard earned money down the drain.

Routine appointments with your favorite or local dentist is one of the best ways to keep your smile in great shape. A dental professional can very effectively remove stains and tartar build-up. This cleaning is recommended at least once, preferably twice a year. This makes your teeth stronger and reduces your risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

TIP! Brushing your teeth right after eating is an important part of keeping them bright and shiny. Some foods and beverages will stain your teeth, so promptly brushing is essential to preventing stains from setting.

To preserve the whiteness of your teeth, avoid liquids that stain teeth easily. Colas, coffee and black tea are a few of these beverages. If you do drink beverages such as these, you should take a sip of water after each sip of the offending beverage.

If the stains on your teeth are severe and you want immediate results, it may be a good idea to consult a dental professional for a more comprehensive approach. This process is more expensive, but it can provide better results, and is quicker than many other whitening products.

TIP! Strawberries contain malic acid which helps whiten your teeth. This kind of juice softens your tooth enamel, enabling you to remove a large amount of the discoloration.

Prior to beginning to use a whitening teeth regimen, keep in mind that these whiteners only produce effects on natural teeth. Crowns, fillings, veneers and implants will remain the same color. Your old dental work could be quite noticeable after your teeth have been whitened.

If the whitening of the teeth products you are using at home cause your teeth or gums any discomfort, discontinue using the products immediately. When you use products to whiten your teeth, you may cause sensitivity. Additionally, your gums may become inflamed. If pain or other uncomfortable sensations arise, do not use at-home whitening products until you consult with your dentist. He or she may have suggestions for alternate procedures that will be more comfortable.

TIP! Keep in mind that some dental work, like crowns, don’t whiten the same way your teeth do. If your crowns are visible when you smile, the whitening process can cause an uneven color in your teeth.

As you just read, having a whiter smile is something that most people want to have. That said, the idea that whitening teeth is impossible has made its way into the zeitgeist. You can have nice teeth you feel confident with if you use what you learned from this article.