A Short Guide To Dealing With Yeast Infections

Most women have a yeast infection at least one time in their lives. One issue is that they lack the knowledge they need to battle the infections. Read on for some helpful information about yeast infections.

TIP! One way to minimize the chance of getting a yeast infection is to be sure you get every last bit of moisture off your body after you bathe. Excess moisture is a leading instigator of yeast growth and subsequent infections.

See a doctor as soon a possible if you suspect you might suffer from a yeast infection. You do not want your infection to grow worse, and a doctor can help you figure out how you got your yeast infection, and how to get rid of it.

Always buy and wear underwear made of cotton. Synthetic materials may feel silky and smooth, but they can leave you in discomfort later. Be sure to use cotton underwear so that you can ventilate your vagina. Allowing air to circulate around your vaginal area during the day and night can prevent yeast infections from ever occurring.

TIP! To avoid yeast infections, reduce the amount of stress in your life. Stress can hamper your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infections of all kinds, including yeast infections.

Take an over-the-counter pain killer to reduce any pain you’re feeling from yeast infection symptoms. These infections bring some major discomfort and if you have a daytime job, you will need to reduce most of the symptoms that can hinder your performance level.

If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, try eating more yogurt. Yogurt consists of healthy probiotics which can aid your body in fighting imbalances, producing a healthier internal environment for the vagina. Just one serving of yogurt per day can go a long way in helping you reduce your chances of getting a yeast infection.

Yeast Infections

Try eating yogurt and garlic to help with your yeast infection. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal, so it can be used to both prevent and treat yeast infections. Many places now sell garlic pills, or you can add it to your diet. Also, yogurt is helpful in curing and preventing yeast infections.

TIP! Each night, have a warm bath with cider vinegar (two cups) in it. Vinegar balances your pH level, which can be very effective for preventing yeast infections.

If you want a natural remedy proven effective in treating yeast infections, try tea tree oil. A mixture of almond oil and tea tree oil is effective as a topical application on the vagina. Do not apply tea tree oil straight out of the bottle. If it is not mixed with a carrier oil, it can cause painful burning. The mix of tea tree oil and almond oil will help you restore a natural balance in your vagina and help fight the infection.

Vaginal Area

TIP! If you are prone to develop yeast infections, avoid perfumed bath products and soaps. These products contain scents that cause organisms that cause yeast infections to flourish so they make them more likely to occur.

Do not use any products that have fragrance in the vaginal area. The chemical compounds found in scented products can alter the natural pH of your vaginal area. This will create discomfort and itching. When this happens, you create the perfect place for yeast organisms to grow. Get those that do not have a scent and keep an eye out for discomfort or burning.

Understand that yeast infections are more likely if you have to take antibiotics. Antibiotics are effective on bacterial infections, but they also destroy natural bacteria that are good. Normal vaginal bacteria are healthy and help fight off intruders like yeast infections.

TIP! Practice proper hygiene to reduce the bacteria on your skin in an effort to fight yeast infections. Wash your private area thoroughly and be sure to clean everything.

Try to wear looser clothes. Skinny jeans and tight underwear can limit the air circulation around your vagina. These kinds of clothes are restricting and don’t allow the body to breathe, especially in the pelvic region. You can develop or worsen a yeast infection by limiting the space between your clothes and your body. Pants that are airy and light should be chosen for optimum comfort and air flow.

Use soap that is specially made for intimate areas. There are several on the market. These personal cleansing products are specially formulated to clean the vagina without disturbing the body’s natural balance of fluids. Selecting them rather than typical soaps is a good way to prevent yeast infections.

TIP! When you want to kill off yeast, apple cider vinegar can be the best route to take. Dilute the vinegar with water and apply to the infected area.

If you have an infection due to yeast, there are natural remedies too. Rosemary and goldenseal, as well as cedar, may be able to stop the growth of a yeast infection. You can create a concoction using these products, and use them as either a douche or as a liquid to soak pads in. This will ease burning and itchiness.

Wear only natural materials, like cotton. Cotton helps to create breathability and also reduces moisture on your skin. Wearing synthetic fabrics can yield moisture that allows yeast infections to form easily.

TIP! If you have a history of yeast infections, fight them by adding probiotics to your diet. Acidophilus is in yogurt and helps keep your body’s environment balanced and can keep yeast infections away.

Yogurt is great for treating yeast infections. If you are feeling itchy and a lot of discomfort, you can rub plain yogurt into the affected areas. Try putting yogurt onto a tampon for some internal relief. Wash away the yogurt once the itching goes away.

If you wish to avoid developing yeast infections, wear clothing made from natural, breathable fabrics. Cotton is considered to be an ideal fabric because of its ability to absorb excess moisture. Many man-made materials trap the moisture and that could lead to an increased risk of infection.

Yeast Infection

As you can see by now, it’s essential for women to know how to treat a yeast infection. Once you learn how to take on a yeast infection, it becomes very simple to deal with in the future. Use this article as needed to feel your best if an infection occurs.