Yeast Infections: Why You Get Them And How To Treat Them

Most women, at some point, will do battle with a yeast infection. It is important to understand how to effectively treat and prevent yeast infections. You will learn some of the steps to take when you have a yeast infection in the article below.

After doing something that makes you use a bit of energy and sweat, change your clothes as soon as possible. This way, yeast has little chance of developing.

To avoid the pain, burning and irritation of yeast infections, make certain that you thoroughly dry the vaginal area after showers and baths. Yeast thrives in moist environments. When there isn’t any water the yeast can grow in, you simply won’t become infected as often.

Natural Fibers

Excess perspiration leads to a humid and warm environment. That environment is just perfect for yeast. Cotton and natural fibers are a wonderful material to wear. Natural fibers are more breathable and are better able to handle moisture. You want to avoid synthetic fabrics like spandex, Lycra and nylon. All of these man-made fabrics trap moisture that promotes the growth of yeast.

Avoid stress if you also want to avoid yeast infections. Feeling stressed can make your immune system less efficient, which means infections could develop more easily.

Yeast infection creams don’t work well with diaphragms or condoms. The cream treatments for yeast infections diminish the effectiveness of some birth control. Avoid sexual intercourse until your yeast infection has gone away. If that is unrealistic, speak with your physician to identify an appropriate method of birth control.

TIP! Do not use anything scented or caustic. A lot of women use douches and body scrubs in the area around the vagina.

Proper vaginal hygiene is essential for treating and preventing yeast infections. Gently wash the entire genital area very well, and make sure all the folds of skin are cleansed. Then, be sure you dry it, using a blow dryer if necessary. Yeast likes moisture, so get as dry as you can.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! Avoid synthetic underwear as they make you more prone to a yeast infection. Plain cotton can help you stay dry while fancy lace and nylon can trap moisture.

Tea tree oil is a wonderful natural remedy, and it is useful in curing yeast infections. Mix a small amount of almond oil with tea tree oil and then apply it to your vagina. Do not use tea tree oil until you have mixed it together with another product, as this can cause burning and discomfort. This product kills infections of all sorts, leading to good health.

Avoid synthetic and tight clothing. Tight clothing, particularly underwear, can cut off airflow and allows for the accumulation of moisture and heat. A moist, warm atmosphere is the perfect environment for yeast to grow. Look for certain garments that are made out of materials that are breathable.

TIP! If you applied a cream to the yeast-infected area, do not use diaphragms and condoms. The treatment cream may interfere with birth control solutions.

Be on the lookout for any scratches. Any tear to the vagina can increase the risk of contracting a yeast infection. Things like sexual activity and using tampons are common causes. Exercise caution when doing both things. If yeast infections happen to you often, try not to have sex that is too rough.

Yeast thrives in a warm, moist environment. Consequently, sitting around in a wet, synthetic swimming costume provides yeast with a perfect environment in which to thrive. Once you leave to pool or the lake, make sure to put on dry garments so that you stay nice and dry.

TIP! Bathe in a solution of warm bath water and a cup or two of cider vinegar. Vinegar can help balance your pH and keep the growth to a minimum.

If you get frequent yeast infections, you need to make some lifestyle changes. You can cure the infection once or twice, but if it is something that constantly happens to you, you need preventative care. Changes in diet and wardrobe are great ways to help reduce the occurrence of infections.

Yeast Infections

TIP! If you are prone to develop yeast infections, avoid perfumed bath products and soaps. Perfume use tends to lead to yeast infections.

If you just switched to a new contraceptive, it might be the cause of your recent yeast infection. Contraceptives that contain a great deal of estrogen can be the cause of yeast infections. Switching to different forms of birth control can help to stop chronic yeast infections.

Avoid intercourse in order to prevent others from getting a yeast infection from you. The infection passes between you and it can be hard to cure the yeast infection. One way to reduce the chance of transmitting the infection is to use condoms during sexual activity.

TIP! Eating an extra helping of garlic or yogurt that is sugar-free is highly advised. Garlic can be effective at preventing or retarding yeast infections.

If your throat or mouth is infected, the yeast bacteria is in your saliva. You can help by not placing things that don’t belong to you into your mouth and by using a fresh plastic fork or spoon. Also, disinfect or purchase a new toothbrush to prevent recurring infection. Lastly, don’t kiss anyone for seven days at minimum after you’ve cleared the infection.

Yeast Infections

TIP! Tea tree oil makes a fantastic natural remedy for treating yeast infections. Mix a few drops of this oil with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond, and gently apply it to the vaginal area.

Yeast infections aren’t a common topic of conversation, but knowing all you can about them is key. Use what you got from this article so that you can live a life that is free from yeast infections.