Read This Advice To Make Your Teeth Whiter

Many people long for their teeth to be white. Proper dental hygiene is important for removing the plague and food that accumulates on the teeth that turns them yellow. Lots of methods for doing this exist. There are also ways you can make your teeth white again. The following article will give you some tips to get your teeth their whitest, as well as teach you how to keep them that way.

TIP! To maintain white teeth, you should have regular professional cleanings done. Optimally you want to have your teeth cleaned at the dentist every six months.

An overlooked, yet highly effective natural method of whitening your teeth is to treat them with lemons. Take the outer peeling of the lemon and gently pass over your teeth every day in order to create a beautiful white smile. Lemons are not expensive, even when you use them every day. In addition, this method is quick and easy. Try using lemon peels as a whitening of the teeth treatment and enjoy a natural whitener.

This can be less damaging to your teeth than other ingredients available for purchase. Use some hydrogen peroxide to swish around your mouth, and then immediately spit it out when you’re done. Never swallow it! Do this twice a week for best results.

Teeth Whitening Procedure

If you are considering a teeth whitening procedure, you should be aware that it only works on natural teeth. Artificial surfaces will not take to the whitening process. Veneers, crowns, fillings and implants are considered artificial. If you undergo a teeth whitening procedure despite having these artificial surfaces in your mouth, these surfaces will remain their original shade while your natural teeth appear whiter.

TIP! Fruit are also great teeth whiteners. Among the fruits that can make smiles whiter are oranges and strawberries.

Strawberries are a great, natural teeth whitener. The malic acid in strawberries can make your teeth whiter without using harsh bleaching agents. Either make a paste from the strawberries by mashing them, and then brush the paste on your teeth, letting it sit there for 5 minutes, or rub your teeth with half of a strawberry, cut in two, as you’re watching television or reading a book.

It’s time to stop smoking. Smoke and nicotine released from the cigarettes, can cause your teeth to become stained and discolored.

TIP! Kiss smoking goodbye. When nicotine and smoke touch your teeth, discoloring will occur.

You can make your own whitening toothpaste with some peroxide and baking soda. Allow this paste to penetrate the porous surface of your teeth for five to ten minutes before brushing. Don’t brush too hard, as this could irritate your gums.

Drinking water frequently can help you have a whiter, brighter smile. When you drink water, it rinses your teeth and prevents the buildup of stains. A smart practice is to have water as you eat, as well as after your meals.

TIP! Another great, natural way to whiten your teeth is with strawberries! There is lots of evidence that shows strawberries to be effective for tooth whitening. Rub a cut strawberry on your teeth to whiten them.

Eating fibrous vegetables and fruits will help whiten your teeth since these foods will naturally scrub your teeth. For example, cucumbers, broccoli and apples are all wonderful types that will work. To get the desired effect, you will need to eat these foods raw and thoroughly chew them. Move the food around your mouth as you chew to cover as much area as possible.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, talk to your dentist first. Stained teeth can develop into more than a cosmetic problem if improper whitening of the teeth methods are used. Therefore, it is important to consult a dentist to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes an issue. Be smart, and consult a dentist about your teeth whitening regiment.

TIP! Make sure you drink plenty of water. Drinking water on a frequent basis will help keep stains from forming and will keep your teeth freshly rinsed.

Gums can swell and become irritated when at-home whiteners are used. If you feel this problem, purchase a product with less peroxide. Typically, any side effects are minor in nature and should subside after a couple days of use of the product.

Don’t use any over-the-counter whitening of the teeth products before consulting with your dentist. Dentists can advise you on which items are good and which ones have harmful side effects.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Although it has a reputation for whitening teeth, hydrogen peroxide makes a very dangerous whitening solution for you to choose. This could discolor your teeth and damage them for good. Don’t use any hydrogen peroxide based products.

TIP! Stop using any teeth whitening product that causes you sensitivity. Consult your dentist to treat any damage done by the whitening product.

Your teeth naturally contain an layer of minerals called enamel, that helps your teeth to defend against infections, and other oral health problems. Some products, such as highly acidic washes or some other kinds of toxic chemicals, can have very negative effects on your pearly whites.

Don’t use mouthwashes. If you are having problems with keeping your teeth looking white, you might want to consider not using it. There are many chemicals in mouthwash. Some of these chemicals can stain and discolor your teeth.

TIP! If you want a more beautiful smile, brush your teeth regularly. Food and drinks can build on your teeth and stain them after some time.

You will have to reduce your coffee consumption or give it up completely if you wish to keep your white smile. Coffee is a major cause of discoloring your teeth. Every cup of coffee you drink decreases the whiteness of your teeth. You can replace your coffee with another hot beverage, such as hot cocoa, that won’t stain your teeth.

The citrus in lemon and lime juices won’t whiten your teeth. Indeed, it’s best you avoid them completely. Lemon and lime juice are full of acid, which can remove enamel, discolor your teeth, and even cause cavities!

TIP! If you want whiter teeth, brush with strawberry juice. The acid in the juice acts to soften the tooth enamel, so that you can remove many of the stains on your teeth.

Consider chewing herbs, like parsley or cilantro, if you want whiter teeth. There are substances in these natural foods that help to combat germs and bacteria, which can cause tooth discoloration. However, by no means should you substitute this for toothpaste.

Whiter Teeth

TIP! If you feel pain from teeth whitening at home, stop. You can increase your sensitivity and cause inflammation by using whitening products.

As stated before, there are many different people that want to have white teeth. There are plenty of things you can do in order to prevent stains and have whiter teeth. You can have a brighter smile and whiter teeth by following the great advice in the article above.