Tips That Can Help You Whiten Your Teeth

There are many ways that your teeth can become dull or stained, and you may wish you had a whiter smile. Luckily, there are a number of ways you can whiten your teeth, giving them a more pleasant look. There is no reason for you not to enjoy the best smile imaginable, and all you must do is follow some simple advice.

TIP! Most of the time these products are no better than normal toothpaste when it comes to whitening your teeth. To see what brands are recommended specifically for you, consult your dentist.

Lemons and oranges are a wonderful source of Vitamin C, and they can also help you whiten your teeth. Use a lemon or orange peel to rub surface stains off of your teeth. By putting a little bit of salt on the peel of the lemon or orange, the outcome could be improved.

Clean Teeth

TIP! Use organic coconut oil to whiten your teeth. If you swish it like mouthwash, it can whiten your teeth in about 10 minutes per day.

You will get better results from whitening of the teeth products you use at home when you have clean teeth! Home whitening products perform better on clean teeth. Whitening your teeth when they aren’t clean can result in an uneven job.

Most of the time these products are no better than normal toothpaste when it comes to whitening your teeth. You should consult your dentist to see if they recommend a specific brand that may work better than others.

TIP! To make a homemade whitening toothpaste use peroxide and baking soda mixed in equal parts. Allow this paste to penetrate the porous surface of your teeth for five to ten minutes before brushing.

Proper dental cleanings are your first step to keeping your teeth white. Make sure to keep up with your six month appointments by scheduling plenty of time in advance. Cleanings are covered by dental insurance, so there’s no excuse for neglecting to have your teeth cleaned.

Avoid coffee, cigarettes, and wine. The chemicals found in these products stick to your teeth and cause them to stain. If you feel you must have these things, make sure to brush your teeth immediately when you are done. Or, you can buy a mini toothbrush that you can carry around with you to brush more conveniently. The abrasiveness in these brushes are what will clean your teeth.

Whitening Teeth

If you’re suffering from cavities or gum disease, you need to visit your dentist before beginning any whitening teeth plan. You’ll need to use caution with the whitening teeth process. Check with your dentist to find out if it is wise for you to undergo teeth whitening and, if so, how to go about it.

TIP! Eating fibrous vegetables and fruits will help whiten your teeth since these foods will naturally scrub your teeth. Apples, cucumbers, broccoli and carrots are a few good examples.

You should attempt to have a small toothbrush with you at all times. This will allow you to brush your teeth after eating any sugary foods. These foods may stick to your teeth easily, and cause staining or add to what you may already have. When you’re done enjoying your sweet treats, take some time to brush your teeth. Toothpaste is not necessary, but make sure you give teeth a good scrub and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Always remember that you should brush your teeth twice a day, and floss as well. Plaque is the number one cause of discoloration, and flossing is the best way to prevent build-up. Be sure to take your time and really floss well at night time before bed time to avoid having all of that plaque sitting on your teeth for eight hours while you sleep.

TIP! When you have had your teeth whitened, remember to brush your teeth regularly, especially after eating. Bacteria can grow in your mouth after you eat.

Consider using natural coconut oil for whitening your teeth. Every day, spend 10 minutes swishing a mouthful of coconut oil over your teeth and gums. This is an all-natural method of lifting stubborn surface stains. After 10 minutes have passed, rinse your mouth and clean your teeth like normal. Results should be evident within a couple of days.

Once you have taken the time to whiten your teeth, you should always keep them clean by brushing regularly throughout the day. If you don’t, then bacteria from food could form on your teeth. Following most whitening treatments, your teeth are especially vulnerable to this bacteria, so you have to be scrupulous about brushing.

TIP! Cigarettes and beverages like coffee and dark tea can severely hamper your ability to have the white teeth you desire. All of these items can make your teeth become stained and discolored.

Keep in mind that some dental work, like crowns, don’t whiten the same way your teeth do. If you use a whitening technique on your teeth but your crowns which are not whitened show, people will see some of your teeth as white and some discolored, giving an odd effect. Therefore, if you have visible crowns, you should ask your dentist about any additional techniques available that can minimize the unevenness of your teeth color during a whitening procedure.

Talk to a dentist and orthodontist before starting any whitening of the teeth regimens. If you know that you will need major dental work done in the near future, delay your whitening of the teeth procedure until the work has been completed.

TIP! The fastest way to get a whiter smile is to see your dentist for a consultation. Whenever you try to obtain a whiter smile, you run the risk of causing harm instead of making a positive change.

It is important that you brush and floss your teeth, as well as message your gums twice every day. One great way to whiten your teeth is to step it up and brush and floss after meals. This allows you to get rid of food particles and plaque before they build up and cause any damage.

Teeth whitening pens can be great tools to help you get whiter teeth. This gel work like bleach: use it as indicated. Take proper care when using this product and refrain from overuse.

TIP! If you use a tray to whiten your teeth, be sure it fits on your teeth. If the tray is not securely seated on your teeth, your gums can become irritated or inflamed by the whitening chemicals.

You can be on the road to a fantastic smile today by selecting which of these guidelines are best suited to you and your situation. Take control of your smile and give yourself the treat of whiter teeth today. Others are certain to notice the confidence you exude when you smile showing your whiter teeth.