How To Get A Healthier Smile With Whiter Teeth

Many things can dull and stain your teeth and leave you wanting a brighter, whiter smile. There are many ways to whiten teeth, leaving you looking younger. If a glance in the mirror has made you realize your smile isn’t as bright as it could be, give these suggestions a try.

TIP! For quick results, use a professional service for teeth whitening. A whiter smile can be achieved by simply taking a few additional visits to your preferred dentist.

The citric acid in fresh lemons makes them a natural teeth whitener. Rub some lemon peel around your teeth once a day and you’ll notice your smile brighten in no time. The approach to whiter teeth is very cost effective and can be applied quickly and simply. Lemon peels are a more natural way to whiten teeth without harmful chemicals.

This does not cause as much harm to the teeth as the whitening strips do. Rinse your mouth with a little hydrogen peroxide while you are in the shower, just remember never to swallow. Repeat the process a few days a week for maximum results.

Finger Brushes

Make sure to avoid coffee, wine and cigarettes. These things have chemicals in them which bond to your teeth and cause stains. If you cannot go without these products, brush your teeth right after using them. If carrying around a toothbrush is too much, some companies are now making little finger brushes that brush your teeth. The abrasive quality of the finger brushes is what makes sure your teeth are clean.

TIP! Sip some water when you are drinking wine, soda, tea, or coffee. These beverages stain the teeth, especially if you are in the habit of drinking them often.

Bear in mind that most home whitening products are only designed for your natural teeth. Artificial dental work will not be affected by teeth whitening. This means that whiteners will not work on surfaces like implants, crowns or veneers. Your natural teeth can get whiter but the contrast with your artificial surfaces might make the result look unattractive.

While mouthwashes are great at fighting bacteria, they can often discolor your teeth. If you insist on using it, then choose one that is a bit weaker, and paler in color.

Baking Soda

Add baking soda to your teeth brushing routine. Baking soda is not only natural, but is really good to use for whitening teeth. To avoid irritating your gums, brush your teeth very gently whenever you use baking soda.

TIP! Teeth whitening products are geared towards teeth that are yellow or brown not gray. If the teeth must be lightened multiple shades, it may take more than one treatment to elicit the desired effects.

If your teeth are gray, your teeth likely won’t be helped by whitening. Teeth whitening works primarily on natural teeth that have become yellow or brown in color. It will take a couple of treatments to get teeth that are badly stained back to white.

Teeth Cleaned

TIP! Talk with your dentist about tooth whitening before you begin using any over-the-counter kits or other products. Many products produce better results than others; your dentist can help you to identify your best options.

Make appointments regularly with a dentist to routinely have your teeth cleaned. When you have your teeth cleaned professionally, you can be sure that stains and built up tartar will be removed safely and completely. This can help you get whiter teeth, and it can stave off gum disease and decay.

Drinking a lot of water is a good way to get whiter teeth. Water helps you avoid teeth stains, and it also allows you to rinse your teeth and mouth. It is beneficial, therefore, to get in the habit of consuming water, particularly around meal time.

TIP! Be careful and use teeth whitening products exactly as directed. Leaving whitening products on longer than is recommended can have painful consequences, such as inflamed gums and increased tooth sensitivity.

Be sure to strictly follow the instructions provided with all teeth whitening kits. Leaving the chemicals in whitening of the teeth products on your gums and teeth longer than instructed can cause increased sensitivity and inflammation of your gums. Avoid drinking anything with a high level of acidity after cleaning your teeth, for instance sodas or energy drinks.

Eat fibrous fruits and vegetables that will scrub your teeth naturally. Some foods that will work are broccoli, cucumber, apples, and carrots. You should eat them when they are raw, and make sure you chew them all the way; this will give them a chance to take effect on your teeth. Push the food around inside your mouth with your tongue to make sure all your teeth benefit from the cleaning properties of these foods.

TIP! Eat cheese to improve the strength of your tooth enamel. Cheese is rich in calcium, which has been proven to strengthen the enamel.

If you smoke and you’d like whiter teeth, quit smoking. Smoking stains the teeth and teeth whiteners are not as effective for smokers. The smoke stains may even be too tough for the whitener to fix. A total waste of money. You will undo the whitening when you smoke.

You can be on the road to a fantastic smile today by selecting which of these guidelines are best suited to you and your situation. Take control of your smile and give yourself the treat of whiter teeth today. Others are certain to notice the confidence you exude when you smile showing your whiter teeth.