The Best Yeast Infection Treatment Tips And Tricks

Many people contract yeast infections. They may happen when you least expect it. They normally make your life miserable. There are ways in which you can rid yourself of a yeast infection. You can also do a few things to avoid the chance they will return.

TIP! If you swim a lot, be sure to get out of wet clothes right away! Wearing moist clothing will encourage the growth of yeast. Also, don’t forget to dry your vaginal area after taking off your wet clothes.

Don’t stay in wet clothing after swimming. Avoid wearing clothing that’s wet because it’s a breeding ground for yeast. Once you’ve removed damp garments, be sure to thoroughly dry yourself before donning clean, dry clothes.

If you get frequent yeast infections, you may need to change your bath products. Avoid cleansers and soaps with dyes and fragrances. These products change the pH of your vagina, making it conducive for growing yeast. Use products that are not very strong and hypoallergenic.

TIP! If you get a lot of yeast infections, it might be time to switch your bath products. Stay away from any hygiene products that feature dyes or fragrances.

Try not to use douches. Although you might think douching cleans the area, your body naturally balances itself. By disrupting natural bacterial balance because of external reasons, you are going to make it more likely to have a yeast infection. Cleansing the external skin with gentle soap and water should suffice.

Avoid synthetic underwear as they make you more prone to a yeast infection. Simple and plain cotton can help wick moisture, while synthetic fabrics tend to trap moisture. When the area is moist, yeast infections are more likely to develop.

TIP! Healthy bacterias and cultures can help. It is a live culture that can be found in yogurt and will slow the growth of yeast infections.

Eat more sugar-free yogurt and garlic. Garlic can slow down or prevent yeast infections. Check at health food stores or a pharmacy for garlic pills, and you will likely prefer the deodorized version. Consuming two 8 oz containers of sugar-free yogurt daily can also decrease your chances of getting a yeast infection.

Tea Tree Oil

TIP! Using apple cider vinegar to treat a yeast infection is a natural, old-fashioned remedy. Put some of the vinegar on the area, but make sure you dilute it with water first.

A great way to kill bacteria in your body is with the use of tea tree oil. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with some sweet almond oil and apply it on the infected area. Don’t apply undiluted tea tree oil, because it can cause unpleasant burns and irritation. This is a great way to combat the infection and achieve balance in the vagina.

If your period is a precursor to a yeast infection, it is important to address the issue head on. You should start taking two acidophilus tablets both before and after your period. You will realize that the symptoms do not bother you as much. Preventing the infection by taking a tablet before your period is the best way to deal with this condition.

TIP! Make sure you get enough rest. Your immune system is your best defense against infections.

Stay away from feminine hygiene products that contain fragrances and perfumes. The chemicals that are present to scent these products can be disruptive to your vaginal pH balance. That often leads to itching and dryness. Yeast thrives in such an environment. Find options that are not scented.

Douching is probably one of the harshest and most common causes of a yeast infection. Though they are sold as a cleansing product, douches can actually encourage yeast infections. Douching will make your natural vaginal bacteria unbalanced. With this not in balance, you are going to be more in danger of getting a yeast infection.

TIP! If a yeast infection happens upon you at every monthly period, take measures to prevent it. Look into taking acidophilus tablets; they can be use both before and after your period.

To properly cleanse your vaginal area, use a soap specifically engineered for that area. There are a number of feminine hygiene soaps available for sale. This type of soap will help protect the pH balance of your vagina and will not cause dryness. These products can help eliminate and prevent future yeast infections.

Although yeast infections most often occur in the vagina, they can also occur in your mouth. If this happens to you, it is essential to see a physician immediately. Home remedies meant to ameliorate the impact of oral infections include saltwater rinses and the intake of cold liquids.

Yeast Infection

Keep your genitals dry as a wet environment is an optimal place for a yeast infection. Wet swimwear creates the perfect situation for a yeast infection to develop. Get changed as soon as you stop swimming.

TIP! Wearing cotton underwear can help to prevent a yeast infection. Synthetic materials can trap moisture and yeast thrives in moist areas.

Always use unscented products in your genital area. These products can change the natural PH of your vagina and lead to the development of a yeast infection. These products might also disguise the odors which may be a sign of bacterial infection and require medical treatment.

Do not wait for the yeast infection to heal itself. Make sure you do take control of the situation. By treating the symptoms and taking proactive measures, you can keep yeast infections at bay. You’ll notice your life getting better once you use the supplied advice.