Be Confident In Your Smile

With more and more people concerned about physical appearance, whitening teeth is becoming a regular beauty ritual for some people. However, there are some precautions that need to be taken and things to consider before you decide which of the many options is the best for you. This article provides you with some useful advice.

TIP! If you have cavities or gum disease that are untreated, see the dentist about these prior to teeth whitening. You should take great care when using a whitening process.

Lemons and oranges are not only a healthy source of Vitamin C – they can also help whiten your teeth. Use a lemon or orange peel to rub surface stains off of your teeth. Add a little salt to get better results when you use an orange peel or lemon peel.

Before using a whitening product, start by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. At home whitening products give the best results when applied on clean teeth. If you whiten your teeth without cleaning them first, you run the risk of an uneven shade, so make sure that your mouth is as cleans as possible.

TIP! Try to carry a mini toothbrush with you for those times when you eat sugar based, sticky sweets. For good oral hygiene, be sure to wash away sugary, starchy debris right away.

A lot of times these will share the same results as regular toothpaste in regards to whitening teeth. Talk to your dentist to find out which brand he or she would recommend.

The first thing you should do to get white teeth is get your teeth cleaned. Make sure you go in twice a year for the cleaning, and pre-book your following appointment before you leave the current one. You should try to keep this appointment since most insurances cover this procedure.

TIP! Don’t brush and floss teeth less that two times daily. The key is to keep plaque from accumulating, as it tends to create a discolored appearance.

After you whiten your teeth you need to be cautious about what foods you eat or drink. Once you have whitened your teeth, they’re susceptible to absorbing stains and colors. Do not eat too many dark colored foods after whitening your teeth. For example, coffee will be absorbed by your teeth causing them to change color.

Brushing your teeth directly following every meal will help to keep them from discoloring. Lots of foods and drinks contain staining properties. Therefore, immediately cleaning your teeth after consuming meals will prevent stain from sticking on them. This definitely holds true for coffee, which is notorious for staining teeth.

TIP! Most teeth-whitening products and systems are designed to deal with yellowing teeth or teeth stained with spotty discolorations. If your tooth-color problem involves dingy, gray teeth, you must understand that your results will be less impressive than average.

Use a drinking straw for whiter teeth. This is because the straw reduces the contact between your teeth and the drink. It forces the liquid to go directly down your throat, avoiding your teeth.

If you notice that your teeth or gums are getting more sensitive, stop using whitening products. The sensitivity could be a sign that you are harming your teeth. Therefore, it is wise to make an appointment with your dentist so that you could get a professional opinion. Visit a dentist to consult different options.

Tooth Enamel

Eat cheese to improve the strength of your tooth enamel. Research has proven that your tooth enamel can be improved by the calcium that is in cheese. Keeping your enamel healthy means your teeth will be beautiful and white, so snack on cheese several times a week.

TIP! One of the simplest ways to keep your smile bright and white is to make standing appointments for regular cleaning with your dentist. Cleaning done by a professional can remove a lot of the stains and tartar that have built up over time.

Whitening toothpaste is one of the simplest remedies for whiter teeth. Whitening toothpaste has been specifically designed to target both stains and plaque. It takes a bit of time, but eventually, your teeth will look white as the stains dissipate.

Bleaching is very effective in making your teeth whiter, but frequent exposure to bleach can damage the enamel of your teeth. This could cause teeth to become vulnerable to staining, and very sensitive.

TIP! Don’t drink beverages that can stain so that you can have white teeth. Coffee is the number one culprit, but tea and cola drinks also cause stains.

If you need whiter teeth, the first person you need to see is your dentist. Whitening of the teeth is not just a cosmetic problem. Go to your dentists regularly to make sure your teeth are healthy. Contact your dentist about teeth whitening methods before using them.

If you are whitening your teeth with the help of a tray, the tray should fit your teeth. When trays do not fit properly, the chemicals can come in contact with the gums where they can cause inflammation or irritation. If this happens, discontinue use immediately and check to see if the try comes in other sizes.

TIP! If you are trying teeth whitening techniques and your teeth feel like they are getting more sensitive, stop the treatments. You might be causing damage to your teeth, and it’s best to check with your dentist before resuming any whitening treatments.

As a teeth whitening devise, whitening of the teeth pens can be a practical way to make your smile brighter. You have to be careful when using the gel because it is like a bleach. This technique requires a careful application and you should never overuse it.

Don’t use the mass-marketed, store brand mouthwashes, particularly those that have added color. The coloring in these mouth rinses may contribute to staining and discoloration. Also, a lot of them have alcohol as an ingredient that can make your tongue and gums sensitive, as well as getting into your bloodstream.

TIP! Eating fruits and vegetables high in fiber will naturally scrub your teeth. Broccoli, apples, carrots and cucumbers are only a couple examples that are considered to work.

Lemon and lime juice are not a good way to whiten your teeth. Actually, you should completely refrain from them. Both contain high amounts of citric acid. This acid can actually eat the enamel off your teeth, which eventually leads to discoloration and cavities.

Eliminate coffee and tea from your diet if you want a whiter smile. These drinks can stain your teeth. If you have a glass of tea or a cup of coffee, be sure to rinse your mouth with water right away. By doing this, you are reducing the side effects of drinking the coffee.

TIP! If you smoke, the best way to whiten your teeth is to quit. It is pointless to spend money on teeth whitening products if you continue smoking.

Avoid using toothpaste with fluoride. Often misunderstood, fluoride is actually chemical-based and is prevalent is some foods, water and dirt. When overused, fluoride can cause teeth to become discolored. So a good method for whitening teeth is choosing an option of toothpaste that doesn’t have any fluoride in it.

Like we talked about in the beginning, there are a lot of choices when it comes to whitening your teeth. Even when teeth receive regular care, they can still be discolored over time. The tips provided in the article above will give you a smile you can be proud of.