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Chronic yeast infections can be caused by many things from clothing choices to antibiotics. But there is one thing that is certain when you have one: you need relief! This article will focus on some sound advice for curing and avoiding yeast infections.

TIP! Once you have finished a session in a pool or sauna, take off any clothing you were wearing right away. You should make it a point to never keep wet clothing on because doing so encourages the growth of yeast.

Do not use douche bags. Although you probably think that douching is a good way to clean your genital area, it is important to realize that the human body has its own self cleaning mechanisms which are delicately balanced. Interfering with the balance in your body will make you more prone to a yeast infection. Cleaning with water and basic soap should do the job.

Do not use anything scented or caustic. Douches and scrubs are used often by many. That can upset the bacterial balance in your vagina. You end up more vulnerable to acquiring a yeast infection. Try using unscented soaps that are designed for that area.

TIP! Don’t use scented or irritating products when you’re dealing with a yeast infection. A lot of women use douches and body scrubs in the genital area.

Healthy bacterias and cultures can help. This culture is live and can be found in yogurt. It slows the growth of yeast infections. When you purchase yogurt with this live culture, it is important to remember to look for sugar-free varieties. Sugar is actually food for yeast.

Avoid using anything scented near your vagina. Scented sprays and soaps can be irritating, increasing the chance of a yeast infection. Also, stay away from scented feminine hygiene products. Also, stay away from colored toilet papers that have dyes in them.

Yeast Infections

If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, try eating more yogurt. The probiotics and live cultures in yogurt can actually assist your body in fighting off the imbalances that cause yeast infections. By consuming a serving of yogurt everyday, you can minimize yeast infections and have a healthier body.

TIP! If you suffer from chronic yeast infections, try eating more yogurt. Your vaginal flora will be much healthier if you consume yogurt, as it contains cultures and probiotics.

Indulge in a nightly bath that includes cider vinegar (two cups). Vinegar aids in balancing pH levels and also restricts yeast growth. Do not soak in the bath longer than normal. You could also try a douche with 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and one quart water if you prefer that.

Perfumed or scented hygiene feminine products should be avoided. These items can wreak havoc with your natural, vaginal chemical balance and bring about an infection. Using these creates itchiness and dryness. When this happens, it creates a place where yeast organisms thrive. Use only non-scented versions, and do not use them if you experience any sensations of burning or discomfort.

TIP! Draw a warm bath and pour two cups of apple-cider vinegar into your bath. Vinegar can help you to maintain a healthy pH level, which will decrease yeast growth.

Be careful when you are taking antibiotics. Doctors regularly prescribe antibiotics as an answer for bacteria and viruses, but they do have an effect on vaginal bacteria. You need this natural bacteria in order to fight off yeast infections.

Be wary of any scratches or scrapes. Yeast tends to settle into these areas, no matter how small the scratch. Sex and tampons can cause scratches. So take precaution. If you face frequent yeast infections, abstain from rough sex or any other potentially damaging activity.

Yeast Infection

You can pass on a yeast infection quite easily. Do not have sex until a week after the yeast infection is gone. If you have an infected mouth or throat, refrain from kissing and make sure your silverware is cleaned well.

TIP! Be proactive if you notice yeast infections on a regular basis, like before your period. Before your period, take an acidophilus tablet.

Practice good hygiene by avoid douching. When you take a shower, clean your private region. Clean the area thoroughly with water and soap, getting all of the folds inside. This should help to prevent most yeast infections. Refrain from douching altogether, as it can negatively impact your infection.

If you suffer from reoccurring yeast infections there is help available. Even if you successfully cure the infection each time, recurrent infections need to be addressed. Make the necessary changes to your clothing, diet and/or lifestyle.

TIP! Look at what you eat if you keep getting yeast infections. Eating foods that are too rich in sugar could cause these frequent infections.

Wearing only cotton underpants can keep yeast infections from occurring. Cotton absorbs humidity and does not irritate your skin like other fabrics do. You may need to go out and buy new undies if you find that you are getting regular yeast infections. Pantyliners can also help to wick away moisture.

The body works in complex ways and it is important to understand it as much as you can. The intention of this article was to provide information about preventing and treating yeast infections.

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